Students logging in with Badges

  1. Click on the Clever app to open it.
  2. The first screen students will see is the Clever badge camera.
  3. In the top right corner, students have the ability to toggle between the front-facing and back facing camera.
  4. Once the badge camera appears, students will need to hold their badge up to the camera on the mobile device.
  5. If the student is using a valid badge, they will see a green checkmark with sparkles signifying a successful login!
  6. The Clever app will then open in the Safari browser where students can access all of their learning applications.


Logging in with credentials

If you would prefer to log in using your G Suite for Education (Google) credentials, you can do that, too!
  1. When opening the Clever app, users will see the Badge Camera.
  2. They will select the 'Log in with username/password' option at the bottom of the screen which will open a new Clever tab in a Safari browser.
  3. The user will locate their school from the Clever login page.
  4. They will then be led to their district's login page where they can select "Log In With Google" and enter their credentials.